Create paper CD and DVD cases (CD or DVD case Origami)

How to print a tracklist and how to fold a CD sleeve from a single sheet of paper without glue.
Store your created CD paper wallet files as local PDF for later use

How to fold ?
How to create such a CD or DVD paper case ?   

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Attributions and further online paper CD case generators
More useful links
  • CD Jewel Case Inserts Generator online version allows to upload background images
  • Spiral data tato
  • Disc-Cover-Online -extremely useful service, when you lost a CD cover or an inlay. Nice print outs for jewel cases. Gets tracklist from a database
  • Bernie's Links for CD Case Origami also for Double-CDs (Fantasyfarm)
  • freedb - Free database (catalogue) of CD information download/upload/access
Some other Origami Links for office stuff

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